Coronavirus Diary – Page 14 (A mug of frothy familiarity)

After what feels like a million years in lockdown, from the 4th July pubs and bars were allowed to open again in England. I had heard on the news about all of the social distancing measures that were being put in place so that this was able to happen. I was imagining hand sanitizers everywhere, creepy looking people head to toe in PPE, and if anybody dares to breathe or touch anything then they will get thrown out. I was just thinking why on earth would I choose to sit in a place like that? It won’t be nice, it won’t be relaxing, it won’t be friendly. and it won’t be enjoyable. I really wasn’t keen on going until things went back to normal, or as normal as they ever will be. I understand why these measures have to be put in place, but it’s not an environment that I would choose to sit in.

Picture of a mug of cappuccino placed on a saucer. At the top of the mug there is froth and chocolate sprinkles/powder.

Today I went into town with my Mum, we needed to do a bit of food shopping. After we had done this, we noticed that one of our favourite bars was open, so we decided to go in for a drink. We walked in and got the same old banter from the same old barman and it all felt really normal. He was pleased to see that we were well, in these uncertain times it does make you wonder doesn’t it? It makes you wonder how the lady at the bus stop is, or how he is that works in the shop. These people that you come across regularly, but don’t actually know. In the bar they had taken out some of the tables, so that they could make more space in between tables. This made it easier than normal. It used to get a bit cramped in there when it was busy, so having that extra space was good. We ordered at the bar and they brought everything over to our table. This was so that people didn’t stand at the bar for to long. They have also gone all high tech and got an app now. You can use this app to order instead of going to the bar. We also had to fill in a form with our contact details for the NHS Track and Trace. If you are not aware, this is something that most eating and drinking places are doing now to try and keep Coronavirus under control. They are not trying to send you loads of junk emails, this is so that you can be contacted if anybody else who was in there gets tested positive for the virus. Most of you will be aware of this, but there did seem some confusion with some of the other customers about why they had to do it. So I just thought I would explain. I had my first cappuccino in almost four months and it was sooo good. I have been feeling quite down this week, so going back to one of my favourite places was really comforting and familiar. It was almost like none of this rubbish had ever happened. And I really can’t wait to go back and get that feeling again.

It was really nice to see Sheffield city centre getting busier at last. It is a shame though, that the bus services haven’t considered this and increased the number of busses that are running. Just a warning for anybody who hasn’t been out yet, it is getting busier out there. Busses are going past full because they are only allowed a small number of people on board. And even if you are not getting the bus you should definitely take a face covering with you as it is getting slightly harder to stick to the two metre rule when walking around outside. But as long as you follow the official guidance issued by the government, you should be fine. If we all play our part and play it safe out there then we can all enjoy the freedom that we have been longing for.

xx ❤ xx

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