Coronavirus Diary – Page 9 (The beginning of the end… hopefully)

Here we are at the end of week ten of all this strangeness in the UK. I was going to say lockdown, but we are not actually locked down any more. Not quite anyway. Everything feels really strange and I can’t really keep up. I thought that the second I could go out and do something fun, I would be the first one to escape. But I haven’t. Everything is so confusing with social distancing. Also, the rules are constantly changing.

Every day the government are telling us dates of when they hope certain places will start to re-open, and it is all just so boggling. I am desperate to find out when social distancing will be over for partners who don’t live together. Not being able to cuddle or even see the person I love has been heartbreaking. It has been so long and so difficult. And things won’t feel right again until I can have that first big cuddle. I do apreciate though that this is nothing compared to the tragic loss that so many people have had to face.

The end is in sight hopefully, and I hope so much that we carry on moving in the right direction. I have been wishing so much just for a glimpse of the end. That was one of the toughest things for me, having no date to aim for. I didn’t know whether it would be days, weeks, months or even years! And I couldn’t stand not being able to see the end. After a while I tried to stop thinking about it, because I was just torturing myself. Taking it a day at a time was a lot easier. Finally I can see an end to all this, but that has also brought back the feeling of desperation to see the people I love, and just to get back to normal. Or as normal as we’ll ever be. So I really hope that the worst is over and that we can start looking forward.

Stick to the rules England, let’s get out of this madness.

xx ❤ xx

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