Coronavirus Diary – Page 4 (Celebrating lockdown style)

As you may have read in some of my other posts, last year I found the man of my dreams and in the Glitterverse (here) he would rather not use his real name, so I call him The Idea Guy. He got this nickname because he is always giving me great new ideas of things to write about. He is one of the few people that truly understand how important this blog is to me. Every day he asks me how the blog is going and makes even small achievements seem huge. He’s a great support with the blog.

Over Easter weekend Idea Guy and I had been together for six whole months. This was a really big deal for both of us because of various reasons, so naturally we wanted to celebrate. For weeks we had been thinking of new and exciting things we could do to celebrate. Something that we hadn’t done before, well we definitely got that. We couldn’t even see each other never mind go out and celebrate. We were at the end of the third week of the lockdown and there was no chance of us going anywhere. I’m not really the kind of person that just rolls over and lets life tell me what I can and can’t do. Sometimes you just have to tell life to get lost because you’re doing it anyway! If life gives you lemons, make lemonade. Things weren’t going to go as planned, but there was no way were we letting our special day get ignored.

Options were very limited, but we did what we could to make the day special. We bought each other a present online and had them sent straight to each other’s houses. We told friends, who congratulated us, we put a post on Facebook to create a bit of Facebook fuss. It’s not a celebration without a bit of Facebook fuss. There were lots of likes and some lovely comments. One thing that really touched me is that Idea Guy changed his profile picture to one of both of us. He’s never used one of both of us before, which is fine, but it did really mean a lot to me. that on our special day he decided to change it. The present he bought me was so lovely and special. It’s something that I am going to treasure forever, along with the anniversary card. ❤

This is the mug that The Idea Guy bought me. It has a picture of two penguins with our initials, A for Amy and T for The Idea Guy (obviously haha). And there is a pink heart in the middle.

We have decided that when this is all over, we are still going to go out and celebrate as we originally planned. But for now, we did what we could, it was special and definitely one to remember. 🙂

The other side of the mug which says 11/04/2020 Happy 6 Months Together xxx

Look after yourselves everyone, keep smiling 🙂

xx ❤ xx

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