Coronavirus Diary – Page 3 (Life on pause)

Feeling a bit down today. I want normal life back. Silly thing to say really, we all do, especially the people who have been affected by this awful disease. We all wish life would just go back to normal. Like we can just wake up and it will all be a bad dream. I’m feeling a bit like that at the moment. Like any day now, this will all be over and they will say it’s all been a big mistake. But that’s not going to happen, judging by how things are in other countries, there is no mistake. And we’ve got a long, miserable way to go.

I woke up this morning fancying my favourite halloumi fries from a place called Pitcher & Piano. Well I say morning, it was about half past twelve! The perfect time to have some. Nobody else does them the same though, and I couldn’t do them the same.

The last few days have been bright and sunny. Things have seemed so much better over the last few days. I think it is because of the sunshine. It always makes me feel a bit better. Today has been dull, grey and a bit rainy. Things have seemed so much worse. Let’s hope we have more sunny days, even if we are stuck inside.

Last night I was trying to figure out the last time I saw my boyfriend. It was Wednesday last week. Only Wednesday? It feels like weeks ago. Time really is dragging. We can’t even make any real plans to focus on, because we just don’t know when they are likely to happen. In two weeks time we will have been together for six months, and I doubt I’ll even be able to see him. It’s a big deal for both of us and we can’t even see each other, never mind celebrate.

It’s like the whole of life has just been put on pause. And we’re desperately waiting for somebody to press play. And until they do, life just stands still. No plans, nothing to look forward to, just waiting. Endless waiting and uncertainty.

I know that in the grand scheme of things I have nothing to complain about. At least everybody I know is well. This is just my thoughts for today.

Stay safe and stay home. Let’s get this thing over with.

xx ❤ xx

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