Sunday – The day of rest (boredom)

There’s just something about Sundays. I don’t know what it is. Growing up it was always the day of staying in and cleaning the house. We did go out sometimes on a Sunday, but that’s what Sunday reminds me of. Staying in, having a lay in, tidying, cleaning, changing the sheets, nothing fun. When I was a child there weren’t as many places to go on a Sunday anyway. A lot of places were closed.

These days there is a lot more to do on a Sunday. More shops and fun places are open, some only until 4pm, but it’s still something. Many are open later than that. Sunday isn’t the day where the whole of the country closes like it used to be. I do quite like that, having more options for things to do. But in some ways I think that people deserve that day off work, the one day where they are encouraged to have that time away from their hectic jobs and spend time with their family. Some people for a variety of reasons just don’t know how to stop when it comes to work. If they could, they would just go on forever. So having that day where as a society we take a break, it will encourage those people to see it as a way of life and that they are not expected to work on a Sunday.

I used to look forward to Sundays. The day where at the end of the week I can catch up on sleep and catch up on some of the boring things that I don’t have chance to do in the week. Although I am not in work at the moment I manage to keep myself occupied during the week with trampolining, yoga, volunteering, seeing friends and blogging. So there aren’t many days where I have nothing planned. Sunday is the day which I don’t intentionally leave it free, but plans just don’t seem to fall on that day. But it’s ok I look forward to a bit of time to myself. Then when it comes I am absolutely bored out of my mind! I just don’t know what to do with myself. I feel all fidgety, restless and uninterested with everything that Sunday has to offer. Every time I think to myself, I need to make plans for next Sunday, and I never do. I do enjoy having a day where I don’t have to get up at a certain time and I can stay in my pyjamas all day. But when I am sat there in my pyjamas I’m just thinking what now?

Roll on Monday!!! 😀

xx ❤ xx

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