Well I want to write and I’m a bit stuck for ideas. So my Idea Guy suggested birthdays. Don’t know why… it’s not like it’s anybody’s birthday soon… apart from mine and his!!! 😀 Mine is in February, his is not long after and both of them are not that long after Christmas. So I am liking this time of year a lot. I always do. The time between Christmas and my birthday always flies by. It’s about six weeks in between. It is really nice because when Christmas is over and everything has gone dull and boring, my birthday livens things up again. I like a bit of a fuss and celebration, whatever the reason so I never let my birthday go unnoticed.

For as long as I can remember I have always loved my birthday. I have not always been to keen on the age, but I like the attention, the presents, the cards and the celebrating. It is a time to see friends and family and appreciate the people who are around me and care about me. There is only one time that I can remember when I can honestly say that I didn’t want a fuss on my birthday. That was the birthday after I had come out of hospital. I had been in hospital for three months and had doctors, nurses, family, friends and what felt like the whole world fussing over me constantly. That year I was quite happy just to keep it low key and quiet and just blend in to the background. I still marked it, I went out for a meal with my parents, but I didn’t do anything with friends or kick up a fuss like I usually do. I do know that year that I was so grateful to have made it to my birthday. Every single birthday I have had since then, I have been truly grateful. And I always will be. Time is precious and you never know what will happen.

This year I will be having a day out with my Mum and Dad actually on my birthday, and then having a meal out with some of my best friends the weekend after. The Idea Guy might even be coming along this year which will make it even more special. It will be my first birthday with him so I can’t wait!

One las thing… Happy 30th Birthday to my wonderful Idea Guy! I hope you have a fantastic one ❤ xxxxx

xx ❤ xx

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