Frogs and Fairy Tales

Life is a funny old thing. In a split second it can completely change it’s course. Sometimes that’s not a good thing at all, but sometimes it is. I grew up imagining a wonderful fairy tale adult life, a big wedding, a big house, a big family, like most little girls do. Too young to know any different. As I’ve got older I have realised like we all do, that life isn’t a fairy tale and finding Prince Charming wasn’t as easy as I thought. And I definitely didn’t grow up looking like a princess. Didn’t even have a magic mirror to help with that one. Plus there are a few big issues with me that a prince would have to deal with. Sight problems and health problems, it shouldn’t get in the way, I like to think that there is more to me than that. But life isn’t always that simple. He would have to be very understanding, patient and not judgmental. And I would have to be able to trust him with my life. I need him to help me and guide me when we are out together, so I need to be able to trust him.

I was never really lucky when it came to finding princes, couldn’t even find any frogs. For so long it was just me doing my own thing. Some days I found it hard and I wanted my Prince Charming, but the older I got the more I believed that it would probably never happen. I got used to being single and most of the time I was happy enough. I have love and support from family and friends so I was absolutely fine. Over the last few years I was in my thirties and i had accepted that the dream just wasn’t going to happen for me. There was no point in holding on to it any more because it just wasn’t happening and that was fine. I didn’t need all that stuff to be happy. I had been through some really tough times which had taught me what really is important in life and what isn’t. Holding on to a dream that was never going to happen was just useless to me. So I let it go.

Then last year completely out of the blue I found my Prince Charming. Didn’t even come across any frogs first, he was just there. Understanding, patient, not judgmental, I can trust him with anything and everything. He’s what I always wanted. He was there when I needed him, and he’s still there now. I couldn’t believe it at first. It felt to good to be true. But something about it just feels right and it always has. This time last year I thought my future would be the same as every other year, single, probably a few dramas and just making the most of what I have got. This year, I’m actually excited for the future. Who knows what it will bring, but what ever happens at least I have found my Prince Charming ❤

xx ❤ xx