My PTSD Journey – Part 2 (The Assessment)

Continuing from My PTSD Journey – Part 1. Follow this link to have a read of this.

I had waited about a month and as promised IAPT got in touch with me about my first CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) appointment. I was actually looking forward to it. I find mental health issues and therapies really interesting so I couldn’t wait to find out what was in store for me. It was also quite surreal because it was at Nether Edge hospital where some of my family worked before I was born. So it would be very strange walking in their footsteps and imagining the life that existed before I did. It is an old hospital with a lot of history and memories for the people who worked there.

The first appointment was to assess what my mental health was like and what kind of treatment would best suit me. The therapist was really nice and friendly. I feel like I can talk to her and be honest with her. She asked me lots of questions, the same ones that I had been asked before over the phone. She just wanted to see if anything had changed oIver that time. There were questions about mood, depression and anxiety and trauma. She also asked me questions about what had lead me to being there, what I hoped for after the treatment and more detail about the trauma that I had experienced. It was hard to know where to start with that, a few things have happened which could be contributing to how I have been feeling. I didn’t always explain things well and not necessarily in the right order, I kept flitting from one thing to another and then back again. But she didn’t make me feel rushed or pressured. She just kept writing notes and asking more questions. She asked if I had been to any therapy before, because with how I was talking, I sounded like I had. I said no I haven’t, I just like watching therapy programmes like Celebrities In Therapy and The Speakmans! I find it all really interesting. Plus I feel like I have taught myself a lot over the years about my mind and how it works.

The therapist agreed that I do have PTSD and she asked me what kind of treatment I was thinking of, what I thought might help. As I wasn’t sure I went along with her recommendations of having some sessions to talk in more detail about things and then to learn some skills to help me when I am feeling emotional and overwhelmed.

She made a point of saying that this is about me, what I want and what I think will help. Nobody was forcing me to do anything that I didn’t want to do. I already knew that, but it was good of her to say.

My next appointment is in a few weeks. So look out for My PTSD Journey – Part 3.

Xx ❤ xX

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