Important Glitter news!

Hi Everyone

I’m new to glitter, although I have been mentioned before In some posts by a pseudonym of “the idea guy” – I’m actually the creator of this blog’s partner. Although being a bit of a fan of sci-fy and fantasy things I quite like the pseudonym too!

Anyway just thought I’d introduce myself as it’s someone different writing the post/article . The important Glitter news I have to announce for anyone who hasn’t seen Glitters social media, it now has it’s very own YouTube channel! Alongside the blog, which we’re still keeping doing, the regular blogger for Glitter is going to be doing some videos along the same theme as the blog, she’d really appreciate your support and love you to watch a if you fancy it the link is:

From The creator of this blog and me (on her behalf) thank you for your continued support of Glitter and for following us


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