Our One Year of Being Together Thing ❤

Yesterday it was my boyfriend and I’s first anniversary. It is really exciting and special for both of us. I can’t belive that he has put up with me for a whole year. I definitely haven’t made it easy for him. Despite all my faults and mistakes he still loves me and that really does mean so much to me.

My anniversary present. A sterling silver necklace with two entwined hearts. The left has amber inside it, the right has Whitby jet.

They say that you know when you have found the one. I used to think how? How do you know? Do they wear a T-Shirt saying “i am the one” in big letters? How can you possibly know something like that? It turns out they were right. You do know. From that very first message from him I felt completely at ease and like I could just be myself with him. I didn’t need to put on a front or play any games, I could just relax and be myself. It was so easy to be around him and it always just felt so right.

Because of a few different reasons our anniversary wasn’t what we expected and hoped it would be. Because of the pandemic we couldn’t even see each other which was really tough. We haven’t seen each other for seven months now. We definitely weren’t expecting this a year ago. Even though we could not spend the day together in person, we were determined to find other ways to celebrate.

We did a lot of thinking and in the end we decided to order each other presents online. Over the weeks before we kept saying that there was something big happening in Octobr that we needed to do some shopping for. This led to us calling it Halloween shopping. I think this is something that might stick with us in future years. We also decided to watch a film together, one that we had seen at the cinema together. We thought that this would bring back good memories of our date and when we could actually see other humans in person! Then later on we dressed as if we were on a date and did a very long and lovely video call. We recorded it so that we can watch it back. Even though we were not together in person and we haven’t been for a long time, we still managed to celebrate and make it special. When we are able to meet properly without social distancing, we are going to do our anniversary again, how it should have been.

xx ❤ xx

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